Media: Turkey has not received intelligence from the U.S. about terrorist attacks being prepared in the country

Yeni Şafak: Turkey has not received intelligence from the U.S. and other countries about upcoming terrorist attacks

The Yeni Şafak newspaper said Thursday that Turkey had not received U.S. intelligence about upcoming terrorist attacks against the country, citing sources in the U.S. security services.

The U.S. Embassy warned its citizens Monday of the danger of terrorist attacks in central Istanbul. Churches, synagogues, diplomatic missions in Istanbul or other locations popular with foreigners, especially the Istanbul neighborhoods of Beyoglu, Galata, Taksim and Istiklal Street, could be targeted. Earlier, the consulates of Britain, the Netherlands and Germany in Istanbul stopped working because of the threat of terrorist attacks in the city center. The Russian Consulate General in Istanbul continues to work as usual.

“None of these countries, which have announced a possible terrorist attack with a clear address in their reports, have contacted Turkey’s security authorities. Intelligence and security sources said no intelligence information or warning was received from the U.S. or other countries. The Interior Ministry also issued a statement on the matter and stated that necessary precautions against provocations had been taken in advance of the statements from these countries. The statement said that in the event of an intelligence exchange, information is thoroughly analyzed,” the Turkish newspaper wrote.

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